Attraction Center: Edward Hopper House Art Center

Edward Hopper House The Hudson Valley is a non-profit art center named after the popular artist Edward Hopper. This non-profit art center hosts several exhibitions and excursions for the public. Likewise, the Edward Hopper House Art Center is a place where people can enjoy a variety of art programs and events. Generous support from business partners and many people with access to art programs and events The Edward Hopper House Art Center remains a key provider of art services and events in the Hudson Valley.

Excursions available

The Edward Hopper House Art Center offers a variety of excursions for the public. Custom Tours – These tours are offered during business hours. No reservations. Edward Hoppers Nyack Walking Tour – This is a tour offered as a complement to group tours or it can be a self-guided tour for individuals. This hike is basically a hike that explores Nyack from Edward Hopper’s perspective.

· Group trips – group trips can be arranged with at least 2 weeks notice. Group travel is at least 10 people. A group of up to 40 people per person. Group. Group trips are only possible from Monday to Saturday before kl. Group tours are offered in different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin.


The Edward Hopper House Art Center hosts a variety of exhibitions of Edward Hopper’s early works and memorabilia for events such as Sculpture in the Garden. A complete list of current and past exhibits is available online at the Edward Hopper House Art Center.

The Edward Hopper House Art Center also accepts requests for artists to participate in exhibitions. For more information on the artist application process, visit the Edward Hopper House Art Center website.


The Edward Hopper House Art Center appreciates the continued support of business partners, local businesses, and individuals who appreciate the Edward Hopper House Art Center’s efforts to preserve, restore, and deliver a variety of art programs, events, and resources. big audience.

Subscriptions allow individuals to show their support for the Edward Hopper House Art Center by purchasing one of the many subscriptions available on the Edward Hopper House Art Center website.


Edward Hopper House Arts Center, Hudson Valley, 82 North Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960, Tel: 845-358-0774

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