Sunday, October 05, 2014

Famous Sichuan

Chong qing chicken, Famous Sichuan

Before the Sichuan explosion of the 2010's, there was Famous Sichuan, a small, dark, modest spot in Chinatown serving up solid versions of Sichuan standards. One of our favorites, the Chong Qing chicken, comes with a welcome heaping of garlic, and the dry sautéed shredded potatoes, another mainstay, riff on the usual version by adding deep-fried crunch. While the wontons in red oil were just ok, the fried vegetable dumplings --- hardly a Sichuan specialty -- stand with the best in town. 

Fried vegetable dumplings, Famous Sichuan

Dry sautéed shredded potato with spicy pepper sauce, Famous Sichuan

Wontons in red oil, Famous Sichuan

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