Friday, April 18, 2014

Cocina Economica Mexico

Chorizo cemita, Comida Economica Mexico

Cocina Economica Mexico, on the Upper West Side, has a fun backstory: the chef/owner of Land Thai Kitchen so enjoyed his sous chef's family meals that he decided to open a new restaurant to serve them. Heartwarming, right? 

The chorizo cemita (top photo) was yummy, if a bit sloppy, since the chorizo nuggets kept slipping out. We also liked the jalapeno cornbread (middle photo), but the tacos (bottom photo) were forgettable. When people talk about how troubled / inauthentic / lousy Mexican food can be in New York, they're talking about plates like that. Certainly cuter were the vegetable empanadas, pockets of pumpkin, leeks, corn, epazote, and collard greens. Far more delicious too. 

We're always really skeptical of those Top Chef-isms about cooking with love. The Mexican food on offer didn't feel cooked with love, but it didn't feel not cooked with love either. It just felt cooked --- and a good thing too, since salmonella isn't high on our list of things we search out when we eat. 

Vegetable empanadas, Comida Economica Mexico

Avocado cornbread, Comida Economica Mexico

Chicken taco, Comida Economica Mexico

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunna Cafe

Feast for two, Bunna Cafe

Bunna Cafe began as a super-popular pop-up. These days, it's a recently opened, super-popular restaurant in Bushwick. Indeed, it purports to be the city's only vegan Ethiopian cafe. 

When we went, the restaurant was still ironing out a few issues, including a weirdly dark dining area and how often the authentic coffee ceremony would take place per service. Nevertheless, we ate every single scrap of the feast for two, scoops of every savory entry on the menu. Of particular note were the yesuf fitfit, in which shredded injera is mixed with peppers and tomatoes and soaked in roasted sunflower milk, both cooling and unusual, as well as the gomen, steamed kale combined with garlic, herbs, red onion, and carrots, a bright spot on a not-so-bright day. 

Sambusas, Bunna Cafe

Monday, April 14, 2014

CBS New York: Manhattan's 5 Best Indian Sandwiches

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.

What’s so special about Indian sandwiches? Well, everything. Rather than deli meat piled high, they tend to rely on smaller portions of cooked meat or veggies, liberally doused with spices, and rolled up into a wrap, pressed into a bun, or spread between two pieces of bread. The restaurants listed below offer some of the best Indian sandwiches in Manhattan [read more].

CBS New York: Best Dim Sum in Manhattan

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.

Way back when, dim sum was first served to weary travelers in teahouses in China. Today, it’s a particularly popular brunch option, but the restaurants below will stuff you silly with small bites of Chinese delicacies morning, noon, and night. Read on for our five favorite places for dim sum in Manhattan [read more].

Friday, April 11, 2014

Las Delicias Mexicanas

Longaniza and al pastor tacos, Las Delicias Mexicanas

Known for its burritos, Las Delicias Mexicanas packs in customers like the cooks pack in flavor. This East Harlem restaurant offers a wide array of Mexican food, as well as a Cheers-like atmosphere. We're pretty sure we were the only people who didn't get fist-bumped during lunch. Our chorizo and pork tacos and a bean, rice, crema, and shrimp burrito were hearty and filling, warming and tasty --- in a word, delightful. 

Shrimp burrito, Las Delicias Mexicanas

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Maison Kayser

Nutella, banana, and strawberry tartine, Maison Kayser

Paris is for lovers, as they say, but they never say what kinds of lovers. Oh, sure, you can assume Paris is for people lovers. But what about breakfast lovers? Does anyone do a more civilized morning repast than Parisians?

We set out to find out on a sunny Saturday, arriving at Maison Kayser, when this Flatiron bakery / cafe was almost but not quite at capacity. Our very unscientific experiment included several pastries: a plain croissant that was enlivened by miniature tubes of jams, while a plie au chocolat ate better than it looks, courtesy of chocolate chips caramelized in custard. Don't be fooled by the fruit above: hiding beneath strawberries and banana was a thick layer of Nutella. We carefully rested knives against the heavy plates, themselves carefully placed on marble tables. We watched dogs walk by in sweaters. We even held our pinkies up to drink orange juice and chocolate milk.  

Croissant, Maison Kayser

PliƩ au chocolat, Maison Kayser

Friday, April 04, 2014

A&A Bake and Doubles Shop

Double, A&A Bake and Doubles Shop

After trying doubles for the first time, we had one lingering question: Where have you been all our lives? Courtesy of A&A Bake and Doubles Shop, among other storefronts and steamtables in Bed-Stuy, this Trinidadian street food ladles curried chick pea stew between two super-moist pieces of flatbread. Not quite a sandwich, a doubles (it's plural even when it's singular, grammar nerds) isn't quite akin to a taco either. Instead, it's wholly itself, something that needs to be eaten to be believed. Say yes to the hot sauce, made from scotch bonnet peppers, and yes, please to the napkins. You're going to need them. A doubles will squirm and squish, dripping down shirtfronts and onto bellies, but it sure will satisfy.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Deep-dish pizza with sausage, Emmett's

Is it sacrilege to seek out Chicago-style deep dish pizza in New York? If so, the flock is fleeing the shepherd, as evinced by the the three-hour waits at Emmett's, which two brothers from outside Chicago opened last year. One reason for the wait is that the restaurant is barely large enough to contain the Superfans, but mostly New Yorkers are insanely curious about "tomato soup in a bread bowl."

Having had exactly one Chicago-style deep dish pizza before, we can't speak to Emmett's authenticity, but we can say that the spicy sauce, gooey cheese, and fennel-packed sausage left us very full and happy for the better part of a weekend. (It's, um, filling.) While we're not quite ready to convert, Emmett's does remind us of the merits of being latitudinarian.

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