Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zenon Taverna

Souvlaki, Zenon Taverna

Zenon Taverna is the kind of place where your server chatters to your baby in Greek, where she brings out plate after plate of small dishes to let you sample the best in Cypriot and Greek cuisine, including an extraordinary seafood salad, heavy on the vinegar, as well as delicious, squeaky fried haloumi, where everyone who comes in nods at you, even if you've never been there before. In short, this restaurant in Astoria is family-friendly (emphasize on the friendly), guaranteed to expand your waistline, and your heart. 

Cypriot meze, Zenon Taverna

Lamb meatballs, Zenon Taverna

Sheftalia (pork meatballs), Zenon Taverna

Fried calamari, Zenon Taverna

Cypriot meze (smoked pork loin, halloumi, loukaniko spitisio), Zenon Taverna

Grilled quail, Zenon Taverna

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