Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Mysore rava masala dosa, Samudra

We haven't done a super scientific study (yet), but the dosas at Samudra, in Jackson Heights, are well on their way to being our favorites. Truly great was the Mysore rava masala (above), the batter dotted with chile pepper, the potato innards equally spicy. Somehow the whole thing, stayed crispy, crinkling as we tore off hunk after hunk.

Also notable was the bhel puri (below), for its bits of tomatoes and crunchy crackers. But it's the dosa that stole our hearts, and the dosa for which we'll return. Namaste. 

Bhel puri, Samudra

Idli and vada, Samudra

Pondicherry dosa, Samudra

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