Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Maison Kayser

Nutella, banana, and strawberry tartine, Maison Kayser

Paris is for lovers, as they say, but they never say what kinds of lovers. Oh, sure, you can assume Paris is for people lovers. But what about breakfast lovers? Does anyone do a more civilized morning repast than Parisians?

We set out to find out on a sunny Saturday, arriving at Maison Kayser, when this Flatiron bakery / cafe was almost but not quite at capacity. Our very unscientific experiment included several pastries: a plain croissant that was enlivened by miniature tubes of jams, while a plie au chocolat ate better than it looks, courtesy of chocolate chips caramelized in custard. Don't be fooled by the fruit above: hiding beneath strawberries and banana was a thick layer of Nutella. We carefully rested knives against the heavy plates, themselves carefully placed on marble tables. We watched dogs walk by in sweaters. We even held our pinkies up to drink orange juice and chocolate milk.  

Croissant, Maison Kayser

PliƩ au chocolat, Maison Kayser

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