Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Deep-dish pizza with sausage, Emmett's

Is it sacrilege to seek out Chicago-style deep dish pizza in New York? If so, the flock is fleeing the shepherd, as evinced by the the three-hour waits at Emmett's, which two brothers from outside Chicago opened last year. One reason for the wait is that the restaurant is barely large enough to contain the Superfans, but mostly New Yorkers are insanely curious about "tomato soup in a bread bowl."

Having had exactly one Chicago-style deep dish pizza before, we can't speak to Emmett's authenticity, but we can say that the spicy sauce, gooey cheese, and fennel-packed sausage left us very full and happy for the better part of a weekend. (It's, um, filling.) While we're not quite ready to convert, Emmett's does remind us of the merits of being latitudinarian.

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