Friday, April 18, 2014

Cocina Economica Mexico

Chorizo cemita, Comida Economica Mexico

Cocina Economica Mexico, on the Upper West Side, has a fun backstory: the chef/owner of Land Thai Kitchen so enjoyed his sous chef's family meals that he decided to open a new restaurant to serve them. Heartwarming, right? 

The chorizo cemita (top photo) was yummy, if a bit sloppy, since the chorizo nuggets kept slipping out. We also liked the jalapeno cornbread (middle photo), but the tacos (bottom photo) were forgettable. When people talk about how troubled / inauthentic / lousy Mexican food can be in New York, they're talking about plates like that. Certainly cuter were the vegetable empanadas, pockets of pumpkin, leeks, corn, epazote, and collard greens. Far more delicious too. 

We're always really skeptical of those Top Chef-isms about cooking with love. The Mexican food on offer didn't feel cooked with love, but it didn't feel not cooked with love either. It just felt cooked --- and a good thing too, since salmonella isn't high on our list of things we search out when we eat. 

Vegetable empanadas, Comida Economica Mexico

Avocado cornbread, Comida Economica Mexico

Chicken taco, Comida Economica Mexico

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