Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bunna Cafe

Feast for two, Bunna Cafe

Bunna Cafe began as a super-popular pop-up. These days, it's a recently opened, super-popular restaurant in Bushwick. Indeed, it purports to be the city's only vegan Ethiopian cafe. 

When we went, the restaurant was still ironing out a few issues, including a weirdly dark dining area and how often the authentic coffee ceremony would take place per service. Nevertheless, we ate every single scrap of the feast for two, scoops of every savory entry on the menu. Of particular note were the yesuf fitfit, in which shredded injera is mixed with peppers and tomatoes and soaked in roasted sunflower milk, both cooling and unusual, as well as the gomen, steamed kale combined with garlic, herbs, red onion, and carrots, a bright spot on a not-so-bright day. 

Sambusas, Bunna Cafe

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