Friday, March 07, 2014


Pulled pork vindaloo feast, Indikitch

We're rooting for Indikitch, recently opened near the Flatiron Building and definitely looking to do for Indian what Chipotle has done for Mexican. In other words, this fast-casual restaurant is begging to be franchised.

You pick your type of meal (we went with the "feast"), along with your rice, your protein, your sides, and your naan, all while watching the line cooks make your pulled pork vindaloo (top) and paneer tikka (bottom) sizzle. Not only was the food really fresh, it arrived nicely seasoned (you can specify how hot you want it). Are we starting to sound like potential investors? Perhaps. We did drink an awful lot of the Kool-Aid, courtesy of the dining area's Coca-Cola Freestyle Drink Machine.    

Paneer tikka feast, Indikitch

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