Friday, January 03, 2014

Noodle Village

Beef brisket ramen, Noodle Village

When it's this cold and snowy, we just want to hunker down with big bowls of warming noodles. Unless we hitch a ride on a plow, though, we probably won't be making it to Noodle Village today, so we'll have to console ourselves with the memory of the tangy, mineral-y brisket ramen (top), whose noodles emerge from murky depths slick with delicious soup. The fried tofu lo mein, shrimp wonton soup, and vegetable dumplings aren't so bad, either, so if you're snowshoeing nearby you can pick those up for us as well.

Fried tofu lo mein, Noodle Village

Shrimp wonton soup, Noodle Village

Vegetable dumplings, Noodle Village

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