Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Milk & Cookies

Peanut butter cream-filled peanut cookies, Milk & Cookies

Ah, yes, our blog. We knew we were forgetting something as we huddled beneath blankets, venturing outside only to get necessary supplies, including several treats from Milk & Cookies Bakery in the West Village. Extreme weather of all kinds is so gosh-darn assertive, like a chatty four-year-old; in the presence of either, you can't do anything but give them your full attention.

While the self-selected melange of cookies (bottom photo) and peanut butter cream-filled peanut butter cookies (top photo) were all good, and provided much-needed calorie boosts during the most recent cold spell, the chocolate whoopie pie (second photo) was by far the best. Moist and cakey, with a layer of almost whipped cream cheese, with a refreshing hint of citrus zest, a whisper of nicer weather to come. Definitely worth seeking out, freezing temperatures or not. And there we go again. 

Chocolate whoopie pie, Milk & Cookies

Smores, chocolate chip, milk chocolate caramel, dark chocolate toffee, chocolate mint, and peanut butter chocolate cookies, Milk & Cookies

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