Thursday, August 29, 2013

Smorgasburg DUMBO II

Original pork spring roll, Lumpia Shack

Another sunny Sunday, another stroll around Smorgasburg DUMBO. Skipping the places we hit last time, we still managed to eat widely and deeply. Lumpia Shack makes "Filipino inspired spring rolls"; we tried the original pork, stuffed with pork, ramps, kamote leaves, shallots, garlic, and carrots, drizzled with sweet chili sauce and pickled cucumbers. Thankfully, the portion was easily divided among the two of us --- otherwise we might have come to blows over who got the last taste.

In his recent review of the food market for GQ, Alan Richman praises the service at Rice & Miso Everyday. We'll do him one better: yes, the counterfolks were friendly and fun, but the RAM original will have us queuing up again, lickety split. There's not much to it, just some brown rice, some miso paste, and some garlic, wrapped in nori. So simple, so good, so satisfying.      

Ram original, Rice & Miso Everyday

Bel puri, Potpourri

We tried bhel puri from Potpourri, and it was fine. Frankly, we kind of resented having to ask for a dousing of chutney. How does the puffed rice stay so crispy on the streets of Mumbai and flatten so fast in an old warehouse in Brooklyn? One can only wonder. 

Brooklyn Wok Shop restored our spirits, and ceased our questioning, with a special dumpling of the day: pastrami. Each bite offered a little taste of the Lower East Side, from the wonton wrapping to the sauerkraut slaw to the scallions to the whole grain mustard to the salty shreds of meat. 

Pastrami dumplings, Brooklyn Wok Shop

Keema parantha, Parantha Alley

Parantha Alley stuffs its paranthas with all sorts of spices and meats and magic. The keema came with chicken, alongside achar, raita, and mint chutney (which we didn't have to ask for!). As you can see from the photo, the stuffing wasn't exactly equally distributed, but that was a-OK.

From Frittering Away we got a watermelon jalapeno. Spicy! Sweet! Oddly refreshing. We didn't get any fritters, though apparently those are available too.

Watermelon jalapeno limeade, Frittering Away

Massaman curry peanut butter cookie sandwich, Whimsy and Spice

And then came the sweets, including a massaman curry peanut butter cookie from Whimsy & Spice and a vegan ice cream with strawberry sauce from Alchemy Creamery. We ordered "Saturday morning cartoons," and it tasted just like Fruit Loops, if Fruit Loops were transformed into vegan ice cream.

Saturday morning cartoons (Fruit Loops) ice cream, Alchemy Creamery

Our last bite of the day, and it was a doozy. A gorgeous, giheogeious ice cream sandwich from The Good Batch. Why, yes, those are two huge almond-laced macaroons smeared with dark chocolate, gently cupping vanilla ice cream. Why, yes, we did restrain ourselves to just one, and, no, we're not entirely sure how we did it. Maybe because we'd been so thoroughly stuffed with so much other good stuff?  

Almond macaroon dark chocolate ice cream sandwich, The Good Batch

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

CBS New York: Best Plates of Pad Thai

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.
Hand-pulled noodles, Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles

Ordering pad thai is like ordering the margherita pizza: it offers a good benchmark for a kitchen abilities. The thrilling, filling mix of stir-fried rice noodles, peanuts, egg, and fish sauce is a staple of both Thai street food and NYC restaurants. Here are our picks for the city’s best versions.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

CBS New York: Great Gluten-Free Foods

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there. 

Pakoras, Singhvi's Haveli, Jodhpur
In recent years, restaurants have become increasingly accommodating of food allergies, particularly with regard to gluten. Nevertheless, some places still insist on offering one gluten-free dish and calling it a day. Not so at the five restaurants listed below, our 2013 picks for the city’s best gluten-free options. They offer a range of choices sure to satisfy the hungriest and pickiest [read more].

Monday, August 26, 2013

Centre-Fuge Cycle 9

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Every two or so months, the trailer parked at 1st and 1st (the nexus of the universe) in the East Village get a whole new crop of terrific work. Here's what's currently on view at the Centre-fuge Public Art Project.

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Centre-fuge Cycle 9

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Blue Stove

Carnie pie (chocolate mousee, caramel, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and peanuts), The Blue Stove

Behold the carnie pie at the Blue Stove, a lovely little pie-and-coffee shop in Twin Peaks Williamsburg. Chocolate mousse, caramel, whipped cream, peanuts, and chocolate drizzle combine in bites that are alternately dense and light, crunchy and creamy, tasty and delicious.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ten Years of Wooster Collective at Jonathan LeVine

Chris Stain

On view through Saturday at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is "Ten Years of Wooster Collective," a celebration of the fundamental website dedicated to street art around the world. Curated by founders, NY lovers, and tireless champions Sara and Marc Schiller, the exhibit includes work by Chris Stain, Olek, Roa, Skewville, Dan Witz, Vinz, Judith Supine, Swoon, Bast, Leon Reid IV, How & Nosm, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Faile, Mark Jenkins, Invader, and TrustoCorp. Did we forget anybody? Did they?  




Dan Witz


Judith Supine



Leon Reid

How & Nosm

Shepard Fairey

WK Interact


Mark Jenkins





Chris Stain

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ingraham and Gardner Street Art


Some of what's new at Ingraham and Gardner, in Bushwick.




Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CBS New York: Alternatives to Shake Shack

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.
Dumont burger

Shake Shack was a game-changer, bringing high-quality ingredients to the “fast casual” food industry. For a long time, its particular blend of sirloin and brisket dominated a certain segment of New York’s restaurant scene (and the chain continues to expand, announcing a DUMBO location last week). But these days the hungry hordes have other restaurants to choose from, many of whom have built on Shake Shack’s comfort food formula or, in some cases, gone in a whole new, wholly delicious direction. Herewith, our five favorite alternatives to Shake Shack.

CBS New York: Bacon Cocktails

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.

Eat & drink
Over the past few weeks, we’ve cataloged the city’s best bacon dishes and best bacon desserts. We conclude this bacon-focused series not with a trip to the cardiologist but with a look at New York’s best bacon cocktails. If you can’t get enough of bacon mixed with alcohol, Betty Crocker has a recipe for bacon-infused vodka. Yes, really [read more].

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bark Hot Dogs

NYC dog, Bark Hot Dogs

If you're going to gourmet up your hot dogs, you could do worse than fighting through the strollers at Bark, in Park Slope. We got the NYC dog (top), with sweet and sour onions and neon yellow mustard. Can't go wrong with a classic. We also tried the chicken chorizo (below), buried beneath avocado crema and habaƱero slaw --- we swear there's a dog in there, and, yes, perhaps the fixin's-to-protein ratio could be adjusted. But we got our lunch, supplemented with fries and a strawberry shake, grabbed a stool, and chomped happily along with all the little Harpers, Clementines, Jacksons, Atticuses (Attici?), and Wyatts.     

Bark Hot Dogs

Friday, August 16, 2013

REVOK and POSE at Bowery and Houston

REVOK + Pose

REVOK and POSE tell the story of street art, or part of the story, with their contribution to the wall at Houston and the Bowery. For more information about the importance of their collaboration to the unification of graffiti and street art, have a look at this article by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington. And definitely head down to the wall itself to try to tease out meaning within this kaleidoscopic word riot for yourself.  

REVOK + Pose

REVOK + Pose

REVOK + Pose

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