Thursday, December 05, 2013

Larb Ubol

Kra prao moo krob, Larb Ubol

Larb Ubol, in Hell's Kitchen, focuses on the flavors of Isaan, in northeastern Thailand. In particular, it makes many a mean larb, including a chicken larb (second photo), bursting with juicy, almost bitterness thanks to the onions and fish sauce. 

We tried kra prao moo krob (top photo) too, crispy pork stir-fried with chili, basil, and garlic, a spicy-crunchy sensation, and kao pad with shrimp (bottom photo), which doesn't hold up to our local takeout place's version of fried rice. Sometimes you just need the grease, peas, and soy sauce, you know?

Our advice? Come for the larb, then order more larb. 

Chicken larb, Larb Ubol

Kao pad with shrimp, Larb Ubol

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