Friday, December 27, 2013

Dough Loco

North hole (peppermint and cocoa nibs) donut, Dough Loco

Some advice about Dough Loco in East Harlem: go early. The tiny restaurant's Twitter feed is a litany of sad tweets about sold-out flavors, including the maple miso (below), a sugary, crackly consolidation of soybean paste and glazed maple sugar, and the most successful of the three donuts we tried. The cinnamon sugar (bottom) fared less well, in part because there was simply too much dough and not enough loco. 

The north hole (top) nodded to the season by covering a yeast bottom with pink peppermint icing and chocolate shavings. We're thinking Santa would approve.

Maple miso donut, Dough Loco

Cinnamon sugar donuts, Dough Loco

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