Saturday, November 02, 2013


Currywurst, Wechsler's

Wechsler's bills itself as "a Taste of Berlin in the East Village." In our case, that means currywurst with a side of fries (above), a forlorn chicken-and-apricot sausage (below), and a cinnamon-spiced side of red cabbage (way below). As the weather turn autumnal (at last), this kind of hearty fare hits the spot, Germanic or otherwise.    

Chicken and Turkish apricots sausage, Wechsler's

Red cabbage, Wechsler's


donuts4dinner said...

Totally love this place and wish it was more convenient so I could just drop by whenever. Also wish they had more than, like, ONE table. But yum.

Jess and Garrett said...

Yeah, it's an unusual set-up. When we were there, the same woman was the server / fry cook / line cook / bartender / busser.

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