Thursday, November 07, 2013

Lam Zhou

Dry noodles with minced pork sauce, Lam Zhou

We have a new go-to spot for hand-pulled noodles: Lam Zhou. Here, women roll plate after plate of dumplings, a veritable factory of flavor, as families, couples, and friends jostle for space at one of the communal tables, and the kitchen staff weaves in and out of the dining area.

To order, you point --- at the big menu taped to the wall, or to your tablemates' feed. Most everyone gets the juicy pork dumplings, along with some variation of noodles plus soup, such as the dry noodles with minced pork sauce (top), a mess of al dente tangles that get coated in meat and chili oil, or the fish ball soup (below), with a surprising peppery broth and plump balls filled with more pork. Despite the crowds, the dining room has a kind of hush, just the soft sounds of slurping punctuated by the vicious, violent WHAP WHAP WHAP of noodle dough being pummeled into shape.  

Fried dumplings, Lam Zhou

Fish ball soup noodle, Lam Zhou

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