Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Smorgasburg Dumbo III

Brisket sandwich, Lonestar Empire

Once more, for the cheap seats: another visit to Smorgasburg DUMBO (see previous visits here and here). Too bad it doesn't offer some kind of frequent eaters club.

On our third trip around this outdoor emporium of good eating we managed to sample still more flavors we hadn't previously tried, including an ultra-moist brisket sandwich from Lonestar Empire and a quinoa and chickpea sandwich from Bombay Sandwich Co. (When the folks here told us about their upcoming brick-and-mortar shop in Chelsea, we almost leaped over the condiments to give them a hug.) 

Bomb sandwich, Bombay Sandwich Company

Pork summer rolls, Best Summer

From Best Summer we tried made-to-order pork summer rolls, using Lonestar meat --- fresh and simple and almost burrito-sized. From Outer Borough, we got scallion pancakes --- thick, yet flaky. And, from Brooklyn Soda Works, apple and ginger and fennel and grape sodas --- like carbonated fruit juice, so good, so refreshing.

Scallion pancake, Outer Borough

Apple & ginger and grape & fennel sodas, Brooklyn Soda Works

Bad wich, The Good Batch

Every time we looped around, we found ourselves hovering near The Good Batch. Finally we dug out some cash and opted for a "bad wich," chocolate ice cream, Nutella, and chocolate cookies. Money well spent. And we concluded our gobbling with a toasted coconut donut from Dough, plotting our next visit between sweet chews.

Toasted coconut donut, Dough

2 comments: said...

From part I.. "which one of us can never seem to remember how to pronounce" ME TOO!! Well at least until the Jew in me took over and set me straight. I also didnt realize until recently that its origin is Smorgasbord + Williamsburg. Love the new location in Pier 5

Jess and Garrett said...

Haven't been to the new location, but we're looking forward to checking it out.

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