Friday, October 11, 2013

Oaxaca Taqueria

Pescado, potato, and chicken mole tacos, Oaxaca Tacos

Every day the folks at Oaxaca Taqueria make the food from scratch, including bright, splashy tacos that evoke both the flavors and colors of southern Mexico. Among those we tried: marinated, tangy fish, piquant chicken mole, smooth potato, peppery chorizo, Korean (a special, with barbecue pork and kimchi), and salty, slightly sweet braised pork. This is 'head down' food, as in you put your head down and eat with single-minded purpose until every single scrap is gone, no looking around, no talking, only crunching, munching, and enjoying.  

Chorizo, Korean, and al pastor tacos, Oaxaca Tacos

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