Thursday, September 26, 2013

606 R&D

French toast, plums, bacon, 606 R&D

At 606 R&D, the French toast came with plums (pro) and loaded with butter (pro), but predoused in syrup (con). We prefer to control our syrup intake. If that means using half the bottle, so be it. Our inner child will not be denied. On the other hand, our inner child had never thought to dip plums in syrup (pro). For those of you keeping score, that's three pros and one con. Not bad.

Donuts, 606 R&D

If you've heard of this Prospect Heights restaurant, you've likely heard about the donuts, or at least about their Kickstarter campaign that funded the donut robot. People loooovvvveeee them, with the kind of adoration usually reserved for cribs full of baby pandas and Lil Bub. We ordered one plain, one cinnamon, and one powdered sugar to eat the fuss, so to speak. They were light and buoyant, in great contrast to our longtime favs from the Doughnut Plant. Those at 606 R&D were a starter, a palate opener, a warm-up, whereas those from the Doughnut Plant are meals in and of themselves.  

We also got the corn-kale scramble, with dressed greens and a piece of grilled toast. Simple, yet very good. And therein lies one of the many problems with brunch: you eat it, and you think, I could have stayed home and made this. And now that we know about the plum/syrup trick, we just might. Thank you, 606 R&D, for the good brunch and great idea.   

Seasonal scramble, 606 R&D

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