Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tr3s Carnes

Brisket taco, Tr3s Carnes

Any restaurant that has street art on its walls is a-OK in our book, but when said restaurant also serves bright brisket tacos and bigger-than-your-head chicken burritos, it's more than a-OK. It's downright fantastic. Other things we like about Tr3s Carnes in Chelsea/Flatiron: it uses a "3" instead of an "e" in the name, it serves "Texas-smoked Mexican fare," in which the meat is cooked low and slow, it offers a variety of fixins, from pico de gallo to roasted corn to super-spicy salsa, it makes agave limeade and cucumber-apple-lime agua fresca, and it plays Sublime, or at least it did when we were there for lunch a few weeks back. 

Smoked chicken burrito, Tr3s Carnes

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donuts4dinner said...

You can even make tacos look nice. And I love your unapologetic love of Sublime.

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