Monday, August 05, 2013

Soundings: A Contemporary Score at MoMA

Sequence of Waves show by Rabid Hands, St. Cecilia's Convent

We had a soundtastic weekend: first there was the silence of a car-free Park Avenue, part of Summer Streets. Then we experienced the cacophony of Voice Tunnel. And yesterday we went to Soundings: A Contemporary Score at the Museum of Modern Art, installations by 16 different sound artists. The works on view (on listen?) ranged from drawings of American Sign Language by a deaf artist to electronic accompaniment for a Mondrian painting to echolocating bats to recordings of abandoned buildings in Chernobyl to a score written by concentration camp prisoners before being killed by Nazis. All offered a plethora of experiences and noises. Our only complaint is that the exhibition simply wasn't big enough. Finally, we concluded the weekend by listening to the soft snores of our cat, who maintains a strict nap schedule no matter what the day. 


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