Monday, August 19, 2013

Bark Hot Dogs

NYC dog, Bark Hot Dogs

If you're going to gourmet up your hot dogs, you could do worse than fighting through the strollers at Bark, in Park Slope. We got the NYC dog (top), with sweet and sour onions and neon yellow mustard. Can't go wrong with a classic. We also tried the chicken chorizo (below), buried beneath avocado crema and habaƱero slaw --- we swear there's a dog in there, and, yes, perhaps the fixin's-to-protein ratio could be adjusted. But we got our lunch, supplemented with fries and a strawberry shake, grabbed a stool, and chomped happily along with all the little Harpers, Clementines, Jacksons, Atticuses (Attici?), and Wyatts.     

Bark Hot Dogs

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