Friday, July 12, 2013

The Queens Kickshaw

Gouda grilled cheese with black bean hummus, Queens Kickshaw

2013 just might go down as our summer of grilled cheese. First, we had a mind-bogglingly good one at Lumen, and then we had another good pair at The Queens Kickshaw. Do three grilled cheeses a summer make? Not necessarily, but we have several more weeks. Melt, Gorilla, Little Muenster . . . we're looking at you.   

But back to The Queens Kickshaw. From a brioche base, the sandwich (miracle)workers here pile on the gouda, the guava jelly, the black bean hummus, and the jalapenos (top photo) or the cheddar and mozzarella (bottom photo). Despite 90-something-degree temps outside, we couldn't stop dunking the sandwich into the rich bowl of tomato soup.

No doubt the city's grilled cheese mania (and ours) stems from a nostalgia for a simpler time. And yet living in a more complicated time has its benefits, such as mixing guava jelly and jalapenos, a combo that wasn't around in our childhood lunches. It also means we can hop on a train or follow a truck on Twitter, and eat as many as we want, whenever we want. We can even stay up late watching tv or reading, forgo making our bed, and get a treat every single time we go to the grocery store. Adulthood is the best!   

Cheddar and mozzarella grilled cheese, tomato soup, Queens Kickshaw

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