Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Eateries at Chelsea Market

Pork belly sandwich, Num Pang

Like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea Market keeps finding new ways to eke out more space. With this expansion comes more people, thanks to Braess's paradox as well as the number of choices now available for all those hungry, slow-moving folks: vegan sushi! Cambodian sandwiches! Mexican tacos from family recipes! Fried chicken made by rock stars! Wee donuts! 

At Num Pang, we got a pork belly sandwich (above). It was as juicy as it looks. At Hybird, two drumsticks and a delicious buttery biscuit (below). We have not seen Questlove. Yet?

Fried chicken and biscuit, Hybird?

Green Roll (Beyond Sushi)

Beyond Sushi: The Green Roll replaces seafood with veggies, with dollops of handmade sauce (above). This month's special roll consists of golden beets infused with rosemary, leeks, and English cucumber surrounded by black rice and topped with pickled baby radishes (not pictured, but oft gobbled) --- a tart, pink, healthy treat.  

Our second sandwich from Num Pang was tofu (below). As with so many things, sloppy = yummy. We had one teensy complaint: the tofu was much smaller than the bread. Time to get those soybeans a gym membership, or figure out a better carb-to-protein ratio. 

Tofu sandwich, Num Pang

Carne asada, pollo asado, and nopal tacos, Los Tacos No. 1

The line at Los Tacos No. 1 tends to be pretty loco, but the carne and pollo tacos (above) are worth it. The nopal taco, however, was too slimy for our tastes. Still, everything is made from family recipes. We're excited to try the horchata and hibiscus tea on future visits.  

Doughnuttery mini-donuts come with your choice of specialty sugars, such as PBCP (peanut butter, cayenne, and pretzel). Don't be afraid to tip the crystal remnants straight into your mouth. You'll need the energy boost to fight your way to the exit.  

Donuts, Doughnuttery

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