Saturday, July 06, 2013

10 Years!

Nick Walker

Ten years ago today we pulled up in our U-Haul, our cat stretched across the dashboard, and fit right in. As we opened our bank account, the teller told us, "There are 8 million stories here, and all of them are beautiful."

When we arrived in the city, Shake Shack was just a seasonal hot dog cart, the Strand only sold books, and Chelsea was the epicenter of street art. Sex & the City was the show to watch about young women navigating New York. Bloomberg was a year into his first term, and Brooklyn wasn't yet Brooklyn.

We started this blog during a time when we needed some reminding about why we moved here. In late summer 2006, we visited the Willamette meteor at the Museum of Natural History. We went to an arresting, affecting, low budget movie at Film Forum. We saw a recipe for ice cream handwritten by Thomas Jefferson. We kept doing and seeing and experiencing incredible things, things that were only available in the five boroughs. And at all of these places we thought some variation of: New York Fucking City. (Just like the t-shirt.) How lucky we are to be here.

Life in this city isn't always easy, but for us it's worth it. In the spirit of celebration, and nostalgia, we offer some favorites from a decade of them:  
Thanks, New York, for these and so much more. We heart you.


Anonymous said...

10 years's to many, many more wonderful posts from you! Can't wait to read them all......l&mu sta (i heart u)

Anonymous said...

You came to NYC in a U-Haul Van with your little kitty cat. Now how precious is that? Well "Hang in there kitty" and don't freak out quite yet. It's a great big city. Don't worry. Give it some more time. Eventually you'll get the hang of it.

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