Saturday, June 01, 2013

Dosa Delight

Pondicherry dosa, Dosa Delight

Dosa Delight brings a welcome southerly breeze to predominantly (and increasingly) north-facing Jackson Heights. While the vegetable uthappam may not bring us back --- it's perfectly satisfying but unexceptional --- the Pondicherry dosa and idli finger chips will. The former sees a crispy, nutty dosa wrapped around a double layer of heat in the form of spice-laden potatoes bedecked with onions and sitting atop a fiery chutney. The latter leave us unable to ever respect a potato wedge again. Served with  idli's typical accompaniments of sambar and coconut chutney, these chips give you all the flavor of that breakfast treat, but with the delightful addition of deep-fried crunch. 

Vegetable uthappam, Dosa Delight

Fried idli chips, Dosa Delight

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