Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crystal Fairy at BAM

Based on an actual experience had by Sebastián Silva, Crystal Fairy stars Michael Cera as a twentysomething American looking to get high in Chile. He meets radical free spirit Gaby Hoffmann at a party, then impulsively invites her to join him as he travels with his friends, the director's charming brothers, to try a mescaline-laden cactus. What might have been a tale of a clueless American traveling in a foreign land, or even a trippy drug movie a la Cheech and Chong, gets redeemed by the meaningful weekend the five characters spend on a secluded beach. Drugs are taken, secrets are revealed, and friendships are forged. And it was clear from the post-screening Q&A with the director, one of his brothers, and the two stars that the feelings expressed in the movie were real, and we don't just mean the desire to roll around naked on seashells while tripping. 

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