Monday, May 20, 2013

Smorgasburg DUMBO

Among the deliciousness on hand at Smorgasburg DUMBO:

Choconut s'more, S'more Bakery

A chocolate s'more from S'more Bakery, smeared with Nutella and blow-torched to order.

Moro-hibiscus soda, Bolivian Llama Party

A moro-hibiscus soda from Bolivian Llama Party, a stand that wins our award for cleverest name. This dark-pink soda had both berry and floral notes.

Merguez sandwich, Nadia's

A merguez sandwich from Nadia's Moroccan Kitchen. The lamb sausage was pleasantly dried, definitely cured, served on semolina flatbread. We liked the accompanying tomato and cucumbers, which gave the meat a summery freshness.

Apple and ginger soda, Brooklyn Soda Works

Man, this apple and ginger soda was refreshing. Brooklyn Soda Works certainly knows its way around siphons and juices. We love the backstory too: the couple who runs this company is one-half artist and one-half chemist

Miser taco, Taste of Ethiopia

From Taste of Ethiopia, we got a misir soft taco: a stripe of injera folded over spicy red lentils, lettuce, yogurt, and tomatoes. This stand wins our award for most descriptive name. 

Chicken mash dog, Asia Dog

At Asia Dog we tried the Mash, a chicken hot dog smothered in sweet and spicy ketchup, jalapeno mustard, and crushed salt-and-pepper potato chips. Ultimate stoner food. 

Oatmeal cookie, S'more Bakery

And we ended just about where we started, with an oatmeal and salted caramel cookie from S'more Bakery. Yes, Smorgasburg can be crowded, and the name, which one of us can never seem to remember how to pronounce, is utterly awkward. But, golly, every time we go, we remark on its brilliance, from its use of space to its selection of vendors to its fun atmosphere. It's everything you want from a street fair, minus the funky stands selling sweat socks or belligerently pushing massages.


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