Monday, April 22, 2013

Taqueria Cocoyoc

Goat, chorizo, and carne enchilada tacos, Taqueria Cocoyoc

No doubt Bushwick has an awful lot of taco places, but we never get tired of finding a new one, such as Taqueria Cocoyoc. Our MO is always the same: flip through the menu and try not to butcher ordering whatever we want too badly. In this case, cabrito barbacoa (goat), carne asado (both top), and pescado (fish, bottom), so fresh we could feel the sand between our toes. At some point, we whisper an apology to our high school Spanish teachers for our inability to roll our Rs or make that in-between D sound.

Then we chug a fruit punch Jarrito, and shove every last bite of the stuffed soft tacos, covered in both salsa verde and salsa roja, into our bocas.

Fish tacos, Taqueria Cocoyoc

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