Sunday, March 17, 2013

Malai Marke

Tangra chili paneer, Malai Marke

Like its siblings Chote Nawab, Dhaba, Chola, Thelewala, Bhojan, and Singapura, Malai Marke strives to show off a few aspects of a country's cuisine in an thoughtfully decorated setting. It succeeds. Shiva Natarajan's restaurant group has found a winning formula in slapping common objects on the walls (pans, movie posters, records) and authentic regional recipes on its menus.

We were particularly happy with our tangra chili paneer (top photo), cheese tossed in a slick, spicy sauce with green and red peppers, as well as our chicken xacuti (bottom photo), a Goan specialty with poppy seeds and chilies. Ginger and chili paste helped elevate aloo and gobi (middle photo, aka potatoes and cauliflower).   

Urban legend has it that all the Indian restaurants on East 6th share the same kitchen. If true, then the other restaurants on the block would do well to let this newcomer take the lead. While they're at it, they might also tone down the sitar music and dim the blinking lights.  

Aloo gobi ghar ki, Malai Marke

Chicken xacuti, Malai Marke

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