Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Totto Ramen

Totto spicy ramen, Totto Ramen

No, we didn't wait two hours (or more!) for Totto Ramen. And, no, we don't think waiting that long for this particular version is justified. It's not that Totto Ramen isn't good -- it is. Great, in fact, especially the spicy vegetable ramen (bottom), complete with pepper, zucchini, and exuberant lettuces. The Toto spicy ramen got its kick from oodles of chili sauce, which cut through the pork, tolerating zero nonsense. Just like the waitstaff. 

So, how long did we wait? About 30 minutes. We jotted down our names at about 11.30 on a Saturday morning (first ones on the list kept clipped to the door), took a spin up to the Time Warner Center, then got back just as they were getting ready to let the initial set of diners into the tiny space. (If you're not there when your name is called, you get bumped to the bottom of the list.) We did feel bad nudging through the crowd of about 50 waiting in the foyer, along the steps, and on W 52nd, although some might say that a dash of schadenfreude occasionally makes for a delicious, all-purpose seasoning, particularly in 20-degree weather.  
Spicy vegetable ramen, Totto Ramn

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donuts4dinner said...

I'm totally with you on the pork. But is that LETTUCE hanging out of your veggie ramen? I thought the point of ramen was the guilt feelings attached to it.

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