Sunday, February 10, 2013


Sausage and garlic pie, margherita pie, Juliana's

"Look at all these beautiful people," said the manager of Juliana's to Patsy Grimaldi himself. "All locals." They nodded together, happily. Behind us, a huge family celebrated a kid's fifth birthday; across the restaurant, two guys in scrubs split a large pizza. With our friend Howard, we tried a margherita and a sausage and garlic, both evidencing the charred, New York-style thin crust made famous so long ago by the original-but-no-longer-affiliated Grimaldi's, now next door. (Confused? Take a look at this helpful explanation from Slice.) The people might have been beautiful, but the pies most definitely were. Made for good eating, too. 

Sausage and garlic pie, Juliana's

Sausage and garlic pie, Juliana's

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