Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Williamsburg Pizza

Grandma slice, Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza makes our go-to neighborhood slice joint look like a joke. Our place uses poly-chemical cheese and tomatoes from who knows where, Williamsburg Pizza uses Grande mozzarella and San Marzano tomato sauce imported from Italy. Our place offers round pies, Williamsburg Pizza offers Grandma-style square, thin crust, and Brooklyn-style round. We probably don't need to even mention that our place doesn't boast chewy, slightly salty dough or finish each slice as it comes out of the oven with olive oil and bits of Pecorino Romano. Right? But here's the kicker, the only-in-New York-truth: while both places do a plain cheese and a margherita (with basil shards), our place is at least $1 more expensive.   

Margherita slice and Brooklyn slice, Williamsburg Pizza

Mushroom white slice, Williamsburg Pizza

So, it's good-bye to our place. The unintentional finger, below, is for our neighborhood place, the delicious slice is for us, and available to all from an unassuming storefront on South 3rd.

Margherita slice, Williamsburg Pizza


donuts4dinner said...

Gorgeous. Have I mentioned that I'm supposed to be writing about pizza for another site and am so scared to even begin because I know I'm going to post the same boring shot over and over? I'm inspired by you. But probably even more nervous now.

Jess and Garrett said...

Thanks! And congrats on the new gig! There's only one way to get over the nervousness: eat more pizza. Also, ice cream, and maybe cake.

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