Friday, January 18, 2013

Ramen Misoya

Mame miso ramen, Ramen Misoya

We're not sure when it happened, but ramen has replaced pizza as our go-to food, and Ramen Misoya might just be our new go-to place for these big bowls of warmth and heart. This East Village restaurant offers three types of miso as the ramen's base of broth: kome (intense), shiro (mild and light), and mame (smooth and sweet), as in the mame miso ramen topped with fried shrimp, above. 

In addition to an actual pat of butter, the seasonal konayuki ramen uses Parmesan cheese as powder snow. It was so rich, so creamy, so utterly decadent, we almost didn't finish. Almost.   

Konayuki (powder snow) ramen, Ramen Misoya

Mame miso ramen, Ramen Misoya

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donuts4dinner said...

I've walked past this place probably a hundred times between going to Pommes Frites and 16 Handles and have always wondered about it. I've always thought there was no way it could be good, but that was before I knew about the butter.

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