Monday, November 12, 2012


Columbus Circle from the Lobby Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental

Thirty-five-odd floors above Columbus Circle sits Asiate, which uses Asian ingredients to tweak American classics. A recent breakfast featured stormy skies, a decidedly un-Asian Belgian waffle, and a full Japanese spread, including a light omelette, seared salmon, miso soup, tofu, mountain potatoes, packaged nori, and rice. Fancy food in a fancy restaurant at which you're paying for great views, great service, and great flavors? Yes, please. 

Japanese breakfast, Asiate

Belgian waffle, Asiate

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donuts4dinner said...

We love this place. Especially for lunch, where it's suuuuuper cheap. Never seen anything as American . . . er, Belgian . . . as a waffle there, though.

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