Friday, October 12, 2012

Fort Grace

Brown butter ice cream and concord grape sorbet, Fort Grace
So, it's not really ice cream season anymore, at least not today, but this photo reminds us of what once was. The memories come from Fort Grace, attached to the side of The General Greene, and serving ice cream and sorbets from, essentially, a shed. Still, our concord grape (at right) tasted of vineyards and plump fruit, while the brown butter lent a butter-flavored, not entirely unpleasant slick to the roofs of our mouths.

In addition to putting away our ice cream cravings for the next six months, this week we said goodbye to our favorite grape vendor at the greenmarket. Everybody goes on and on about how great seasonality is. And it is, usually. But it can be pretty depressing too. We'll just have to console ourselves with snack-size Butterfingers and sacks of jelly beans.

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Howard said...

i'm sorry, i don't understand... "it's not really ice cream season anymore" - i have never seen those words in that particular order.

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