Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Universal 100 at Film Forum

To celebrate Universal's centennial, Film Forum has been showing such classics as American Graffiti, The Thing, Spartacus, The Birds, The Deer Hunter, and Brazil. We managed to catch a screening of E.T., far darker and quieter than we remember, as well as a triple feature of The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, and The Mummy. Coming up before the series ends on August 9 is Do the Right Thing and Fast Times at Ridgemont High (a kinda curious double feature) and Babe

Deciding on snacks for E.T. was easy: Reese's Pieces all the way. But the triple feature required more thought and consideration: what matches the dark atmosphere of The Wolf Man, which begins with a man hitting on a woman he has just spied on through a telescope and ends with a death by caning? Or James Whale's violent vision, The Invisible Man, in which elfin Claude Rains plays an insane, invisible scientist? Finally, we had to think through the often silly, sometimes sexy Mummy. What would Boris Karloff want us to nosh on (i.e., WWBKWUTNO)? We can't be sure, as it was kind of hard to hear him through his parched, mummified lips, but we think we chose well with our popcorn, root beer, and Twizzlers. 

Photo: thanks

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