Thursday, August 23, 2012


Little Italy pizza, Saluggi's

These photos can't convey the sheer size of the pizza at Saluggi's. Once again, we misjudged our capacity for meat- and veggie-loaded starch, and once again we were forced to admit defeat, though we tried to eat as much of our sausage, garlic, basil, and mozzarella (made fresh in house) pie as possible. The heft of the cheese alone made our wrists hurt. The last time we ordered a pizza we enjoyed this much but couldn't finish, a critic devitalized the place. Coincidence? Oh, no doubt. Still, we're hoping that Pete Wells isn't prepping for a takedown of this charmingly low-key restaurant in Tribeca. We couldn't face a repeat of that as well.

Little Italy pizza, Saluggi's

Little Italy pizza, Saluggi's

Little Italy pizza, Saluggi's


lmc1971 said...

OMG, finally someone giving props to Saluggi's! My husband and I live in Toronto, Canada but visit Saluggi's everytime we're in is THE BEST pizza we have ever had, anywhere! We got pepperoni, bacon and was mouth-watering heaven! LOL Thanks for sharing the love...

Cheers, Lisa

Jess and Garrett said...

No problem, Lisa -- it's a great under-the-radar spot.

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