Monday, August 06, 2012

CBS New York: 5 Best Ways to Get on the Water

Hey everyone, we're also writing about New York for CBS New York. Periodically we'll link to content here that we produced there.

Kayak polo
Standing on a city block, amidst steel-and-glass skyscrapers and honking taxis, you’ll be forgiven for forgetting that Manhattan is actually an island. But so it is, and this round-up offers five ways to get on the water [read more].


donuts4dinner said...

Coming from the oceanless Midwest, I'm obsessed with the water and the idea that we live on an island. But sitting in a park overlooking the East River recently, my boyfriend and I saw people on jetskis with that water splashing all up into their faces and wanted to die. Sailing still seems romantic, though.

Jess + Garrett said...

Jetskis = bad; kayak polo = good!

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