Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hester Nights

Original Bombay sandwich, Bombay Sandwich Co. at Hester Nights

Last week at Hester Nights, we had good-but-expensive sandies from Bombay Sandwich Co.; extraordinary tacos (one fish, one Korean beef) from Oaxaca Taqueria; lemonades from Lizzmonade; khachapuri (similar to cheese  pizza) and an awesome fruit punch called "mors" from Iron Curtain (good enough to deserve a website!); a less-said-the-better chocolate coconut cornbread from Lovebug Kitchen; and ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery.

But that was last week; this week, the folks behind the Hester Street Fair are launching The Hester, a retail store with a rotating selection of vendors and wares. So, that's live music, shopping, eating, and drinking all available tonight at the Eventi Plaza. Dare we suggest you go? 

Fish taco, Oaxaca Taqueria at Hester Nights

Watermelon pineapple lemonade and cherry tart lemonade, Lizzmonade at Hester Nights

Khachipuri, Iron Curtain at Hester Nights

Korean taco, Oaxaca Taqueria at Hester Nights

Chocolate coconut corn bread, Lovebug Kitchen at Hester Nights

Classic (vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip walnut cookies) and Elvis (banana ice cream with peanut butter cookies), Melt Bakery at Hester Nights

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