Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gwynnett St

Duck breast with wild rice, bell peppers, and gooseberries, Gwynnett St

We went to Gwynnett St to celebrate a marriage. As it happens, we were celebrating our marriage, but we might have been celebrating the marriage of simplicity and sophistication, of idea and execution, of exciting, delicious food and reasonable prices. Much has been mentioned already about just how gosh darn good this Williamsburg restaurant is, and all of it is true. The whisky soda bread, whose fumes are enough to get you tipsy, is worth the price of admission alone. Don't even think about not getting this.

But one cannot live on bread alone. So we got the pretty-much-life-changing duck breast with wild rice, bell peppers, and gooseberries too, along with an asparagus soup, rendered extra-flavorful via tarragon and an egg yolk. Our vision-in-green scallops had a sauce made from stinging needles; along with the mushrooms and edamame, this helped the dish reside in that liminal place where sea meets land, and both benefit. The desserts evidenced whimsy (coconut snow atop coconut panna cotta, a ganache roll of milk chocolate), and not much else, so perhaps you might start with two orders of that bread.

Whiskey bread, Gwynnett St

Asparagus soup with egg yolk, mustard, and tarragon, Gwynnet St

Scallops with stinging nettles, Gwynnett St

Coconut panna cotta with coconut snow, Gwynnett St

Milk chocolate, peanut, and black currant, Gwynnett St


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Happy anniversary! Now adding Gwynnett St to my recently-resurrected Williamsburg to-do list.

sexta-feira said...

Happy Anniversary!
Thank you for all these pictures and the mouthwatering accompanying description!
I'm off to find the recipe for that bread (and e-mail it to my mum!)
Enjoy the rest of the week!

Jess + Garrett said...

@Kate: Thanks! This place is definitely worth breaking the embargo. Have fun at Moonrise Kingdom tonight.

@Sexta-Feira: Thanks! Do let us know if you find the recipe --- the bread was really amazing.

sexta-feira said...

Hi Jess and Garrett! Well I found quite a few recipes and almost all of them contain raisins and refer to it as sweet bread. Am I in the right direction? In your picture it seems as if it is raisin-less.
Your new post looks fantastic too. I had missed those posts of yours!

Jess + Garrett said...

@sexta-feira: Nope, the bread didn't have any raisins, and wasn't particularly sweet, in fact. It was dense and savory and astonishingly full of whisky! According to Twitter, Gwynnett St plans to post the recipe on its blog:

sexta-feira said...

Thanks guys! That's good to know.

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