Friday, July 27, 2012

Desi Galli

Vada pav, Desi Galli

Trying to find the website of newly opened Desi Galli, we inadvertently discovered that "desi galli" will autocorrect to "desi ghati," which is some kind of code for "Indian porn." Don't believe us? Google away, friends. Nothing's stopping you except your office's firewall/IT team. 

Alas, the food at this Indian fast food spot in Murray Hill offers far less excitement. We recommend skipping the vada pav, as dry as it appears above, but we can vouch for the bhel puri, a mess of hot and sweet and sour and crispy, as well as the paneer bhurji roll, whose cheese goes melty like scrambled eggs.   

Bhel puri, Desi Galli

Paneer bhurji roll, Desi Galli

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