Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rockaway Taco

Fish taco, Rockaway Taco

At Rockaway Beach, we didn't just ogle the surfers; we ate at Rockaway Taco. They might look like radish and lettuce stuffed into a tortilla, but they're actually fish (above, fried planks of moist meatiness), carne and chorizo (middle photo, interchangeable and meh), and grilled tofu topped with guac (so, so good, marinated in soy, cider vinegar, cayenne and garlic, last photo). To ensure a balanced meal, we also got fine fried plantains sprinkled with cotija. 

Today we're at work, fingers on keyboards and eyes on screens, but in our hearts we're back on the beach, feet in the sand, salt spray in our hair, stuffing our faces with tacos.

Sweet plantains, Rockaway Taco

Carne and chorizo tacos, Rockaway Taco

Tofu taco, Rockaway Taco

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