Thursday, May 24, 2012

Franklin the Pig at Crest Hardware

Franklin, Crest Hardware

Franklin is a celebrity pig who lives at Crest Hardware (home to the Crest Art Show, in addition to being Brooklyn's best source of light bulbs, wingnuts, screws, wrenches, and other supplies). He loves the Giants, sniffing with his moist gummy snout, and clip-cloping on his high hooves. We love him. 

Franklin is in, Crest Hardware


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Oh my goodness. I love him too! I think he and Chloe would get along so well.

Jess and Garrett said...

Franklin's the greatest! If / when you do bring in Chloe, take photos!

Anonymous said...

Franklin is really a BIG Steelers fan - not the Giants

How do I know? - I am his grandpaw - that's how! Now yinz get in here an help yer mum with the dishes.

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