Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

Lovelet (cream cheese ice cream and red velvet cake), Big Gay Ice Cream Store

Holy moly! Have you been to East Seventh recently? It's a food court, Manhattan style, a microcosm of much of what's delicious right now. On this one block between First Avenue and Avenue A, you can get lobster rolls, pork sandwiches, arepas, fondue at the sexiest restaurant in New York City, beer, coconut milkshakes, a lovelet (cream cheese ice cream between red velvet cookies), and a salty pimp (vanilla soft serve with caramel and sea salt covered in chocolate dip). Also an actual salty pimp, because, god bless it, the East Village is still the East Village and the park that dead-ends this block isn't having any gentrification, farmers' market and hipster hangouts notwithstanding, and to the semi-homeless woman who tried to trade an orange for our Big Gay Ice Cream Shop treats, we say, "no thanks, no trade." 

Salty pimp, Big Gay Ice Cream Store


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Howard said...

wait -- was this your 1st visit to the shop?

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