Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stillspotting NYC: Transhistoria

Stillspotting: Transhistoria

Stillspotting, the Guggenheim's multiyear, multidisciplinary project about finding moments of stillness in the cacophony of the city, started its third iteration yesterday in Jackson Heights. For four weekends in April and May, Transhistoria offers participants the chance to hear personal stories about the neighborhood read in the neighborhood ---  on the street and on rooftops, in parks and in plazas, and even a few inside people's homes. We heard about a South African Indian woman and her search for "samoosas," an Italian-American woman who learned Polish recipes from an elderly immigrant in her building, and an Iranian-American man transported by children's art in a cafe. As we listened, the myriad worlds of Jackson Heights --- a crowd cheering a soccer match in an Uruguayan cafe, astrologers barking in Urdu --- swirled around us, countless other stories waiting to be told.

Stillspotting: Transhistoria

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