Friday, October 28, 2011


Quail, Vandaag

A few weeks back, we wrote about our passion for Swedish sweets; now it's time to reveal our love of Vandaag, not the first restaurant in the city to update Northern European tastes using locally sourced products, but probably the most popular. We stopped in for a big lunch, including grilled quail, romaine and herring, pickled sausages, the world's greatest bread basket, hete bliksem, and Dansk Viking Blood, a kind of mead. Mead! Any minute we expected Grendel's mom to come charging in, or Beowulf to thurst his sword into our seaweed foccacia.   

Romaine, Vandaag

Pickled sausage, Vandaag

Breadbasket, Vandaag

Butter and eggplant spread, Vandaag

Amuse bouche, Vandaag

Chilled corn soup, Vandaag

Hete bliskem, Vandaag


Howard said...

ha, i brought back a bottle of "viking's blod" from denmark for my friends. i wasn't a huge fan of it but they loved it.

Ada said...

I am currently a college student taking Major English Texts and we just finished reading Beowulf, so excited to see it mentioned in your post!

Jess and Garrett said...

@HW: jealous of your friends; wish we'd known you then.

@Ada: Beowulf is a great poem. Hope you're enjoying it.

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