Saturday, February 26, 2011

Martin's Pretzels

Martin's Pretzels

Devoted as we are to the farmers' market, we tend to stay away during the colder months. Yams? Kale? It all seems so complicated. But recently the guilt kicked in, and we strolled about the few vendors, looking for something to buy as a way of showing support to those freezing their bums off in February. Made by Mennonites in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Martin's Pretzels are toasty and crunchy, dark brown and even burned in spots. If only every atonement was so tasty.

Martin's Pretzels + Allo


Supergreensunbear said...

The look on my face right now reflects that of the kitteh... a total envy of not being able to reach out and eat those delicious looking Pretzels!

Jess and Garrett said...


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