Friday, November 19, 2010


Sev puri, Bhojan

Like its neighbors, Bhojan specializes in Kosher Vegetarian, specifically dishes from Gujarat and Punjab. Here, however, the focus is on chaat, or easily eatable snacks, usually served along roadsides. Understanbly preferring not to serve folks alongside Lexington Avenue, Bhojan has a nice little dining room, with green wine bottles as chandeliers and copper pans as ceiling tiles.

Samosa chole chaat, Bhojan

Kachori chaat, Bhojan

The thoughtful presentation didn't extend into the food, so our two of our three chaats (the samosa chole and the kachori) looked exactly the same. We'd complain that they tasted that way too, but we were more than happy to get a double-portion of tamarind and mint chutneys mixed with raita and poured over chickpeas, potatoes, and fried bits. Even more enjoyable were the cool crunch of our sev puri, the creaminess of our malai kofta, and the nuttiness of our aloo jeera.

Malai kofta, Bhojan

Aloo jeera, Bhojan


Shawn said...

Well, thanks to you two we had to revisit Bhojan today after work. I saw this post and mentioned it to Kate. She saw it and the deal was sealed. Great vegetarian Indian spot.

Howard said...

i want to go to there.

Jess and Garrett said...

Shawn: So glad to hear you guys enjoyed it! We were too full with chaat to try the thalis --- next time, perhaps with you, Howard.

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